Bird Watching
Menjangan Bird Watching

With over 120 species of bird thriving in the national park, many on the endangered species list, a guided tour is a great way to discover them in their natural habitat. Look out for the Bali Starling, these rare and endemic birds are fearlessly protected as the fight their way back from extinction.

Some of the birds who call Menjangan home:

  • Jalak Bali – Bali Starling ( Leucopsar rothschildi )
  • Jalak Putih – Black-winged Starling ( Sturnus melanopterus )
  • Punai Siam – Orange -breasted Green Pigeon ( Treron bicincta)
  • Punai Gading – Pink–neck green Pigeon ( Treron vernans )
  • Cucak Kutilang – Scooty-headed Bulbul ( Pycnonotus aurigaster )
  • Burung Madu Sriganti – Olive-backed Sunbird ( Nectarinia jugularis )
  • Bangau Tongtong – Lesser Adjutant Stork ( Leptoptilos javanicus )
  • Ayam hutan hijau – Green Jungle fowl ( Gallus varius )
  • Pelatuk Besi – Common Goldenback ( Dinopium javanense )
  • Takur Bultok – Lineated Barbet ( Megalaima lineata )
  • Elang Hitam – Black Eagle ( Ictinaetus malayensis )
  • Kuntul Karang – Pacific-Reef Egret ( Egretta garzetta )
  • Walet Sapi – Glossy Swiftlet ( Collocalia esculenta )
  • Kapinis Laut – Fork-tailed Swift ( Apus pasificus )
  • Raja Udang Biru – Small Blue Kingfisher ( Alcedo coerulescens )
  • Burung gereja Erasia – Eurasian Tree Sparow ( Passer montanus )
  • Srigunting Batu – Greater Racket-tailed Drongo ( Dicrurus paradiseus )
  • Gagak Hutan – Slender-billed Crow ( Corvus enca )



Menjangan Canoeing

Kayak though the mangrove maze. Go for it on your own, or with a guide to explore the best of the bay. Not so confidant, use one of the double kayak and explore with a friend.

Forest Cycling
Menjangan Forest Cycling


*Mangrove & Monsoon Forest*
Sightseeing by bike to total white sandy beaches, some wild animal can be found
during the trip, sunbathing and relax. Duration : 2 hours

*Wilder Journey*
Sightseeing by bike to Crumbing area. Attraction – the endangered and hard to
find Jalak Bali (Balinese Starling), indigenous only to the island of Bali and found
wild only around these part of the island. Duration : 2 hours

*Jungle Crossing to Mainland*
The trek to the village from resort to the mainland and return to the resort by boat.
Attraction includes various wild animals in their native habitat, village life,
mangrove and forest ecology. Visit the legendary temple where a Balinese legend
buried. Hundreds of monkeys can be seen.

Forest Trekking
Menjangan Forest Trekking

Explore the jungle on foot. Trained guides share their secrets, find out which leaf to use for antiseptic and which one to grab for the perfect manicure. Discover some of the best views, only reachable on foot. Keep quiet to discover the Menjangan, a unique species of deer whom the resort borrows its name from. Chance upon a monitor lizard sunning himself on a warm rock or a family of monkeys in search of lunch. Our guides can answer questions about our conservation projects and jungle life. This is a great introduction to Menjangan National Park.

Menjangan Forest Trekking 2
Scuba Diving
Seven world class dive sites lie off the coast of Nusabay Menjangan at Menjangan Island. This small, uninhabited island off the north west coast of Bali has been named as one of the most spectacular coral reefs of Bali. Here, the waters are clear and waves are minimal, ensuring one of the most delightful sets of conditions for diving or snorkeling in Bali. Menjangan Island is also called Deer Island because of the Menjangan deer, a species endemic to this part of Indonesia which make an annual migration across the channel from the mainland of Bali. Its local name is Pulau Menjangan.

Underwater sites range from sheltered and shallow coral gardens to vertical reef walls smothered with sea fans. From pygmy seahorses to schools of snappers, vivid gorgonians to reef sharks, sand banks with garden eels to magnificent formations of hard corals, Menjangan represents well the huge diversity of south east Asia’s coral reefs. Visibility is normally excellent, ranging from between 15 and 50 metres.

Nusabay Menjangan is one of the closest dive centre to Menjangan Island and is set within the boundaries of the West Bali National Park, ensuring a unique setting for your land-time.

We offer a boutique underwater experience, either snorkeling or diving and give personal and attentive service to ensure you find the experience you are looking for. Dive sites and conditions can be tailored to suit every level, from tranquil coral gardens for the beginner diver to strong current dives for the more experienced. We end eavour to bring guests to the island at the quietest times of day.

Our Balinese guides can also add to your experience at Menjangan Island by bringing you to the temples that are of prime significance to the Balinese Hindu mythology.

If you’re coming to Bali to experience its coral reefs, you cannot find a better place than Menjangan Island or a resort more dedicated to the environment than Nusabay Menjangan. Come discover the other side of Bali.

Menjangan Scuba Diving

Menjangan Snorkeling

Snorkel in the local bay or join a planned expedition to Menjangan Island. Enjoy the vibrant underwater reefs and explore this unique eco system up close.

Pulau Menjangan Trip
Encircling Menjangan Island is one of Bali’s most vibrant coral reefs. Menjangan Island, also known as Deer Island Stretching for over 150m the rich aquatic life offers a symphony of underwater delights. Coral, sea fans and plenty of reef fish prosper on the reef. Our guides intimate knowledge of the area ensures all the top sites are visited. Many guests say that Menjangan Island offers the best snorkeling in Bali.