Menjangan Island Dive Trip

Two boat dives for certified divers at different sites within the Marine Park. Menjangan has spectacular coral reef’s and great macro diving.

Boat trips to Menjangan Island subject to National Park entrance fee of IDR 200.000 / person per day

Shore Dives

Single shore dive for certified divers. The house reef accessed from the dock in-front of the dive centre is a nice place to explore with sloping coral gardens hosting a large diversity of reef fish.

Introduction Shore Dive

Want to try diving? If you are not a certified diver our PADI instructor can take you out to experience the beautiful reefs. The experience starts with theory and brief training followed by a supervised dive to a maximum of 12m depth.

Intro Dive Trip Menjangan

Another option for guests waiting to try diving. Begin with a training session with our PADI instructor followed by TWO dives to sites around Menjangan Island.

Boat trips to Menjangan Island subject to National Park entrance fee of IDR 200.000 / person per day

Snorkelling Trip To Menjangan Island

The reefs around the marine park of Menjangan Island make for great snrokelling with plenty of healthy coral, turtles and schools of fish. For groups of 4+ snorkelers discounted price IDR 470,000

Boat trips to Menjangan Island subject to National Park entrance fee of IDR 200.000 / person per day

Snorkel Set Rental

Rent a set of snorkelling equipment for independent exploring from the beach.




Nusa Menjangan is a gorgeous wall dive paradise situated in the protective boundaries of Bali West National Park. Our Blue Corner Menjangan diveshop is set within the National Park at Nusa Bay Resort.  Deer (Menjangan islands namesake) and Black monkeys play in the trees. We access the warm waters (27-30 degrees) of Nusa Menjangan year round, diving from traditional boats set out from Labuan Lalang Harbour.  Incredible biodiversity notable for its gorgonians up to 2.5 mtrs in size adorn the colourful walls  surrounding majority of the island, dropping to below 60 m.

Eel Garden

Encompassing a wide range of diving delights in one drop, Eel Garden actually starts on an incredible shapely wall.  Giant gorgonians of every colour are surrounded by many schools of trevelly and batfish. Picking up speed slightly in current funneled through the thin channel between Bali mainland and Menjangan Island, you glide over the massive expanse of Spaghetti and Spotted Garden Eels to Pygmy seahorse and then a Coral Garden in 12 – 15m exploring beautiful coral patches set in pristine white sand.Due to the nature of this dive site, divers must be experienced or advanced.

Current: Low to Medium

Visibility: 20 – 40m

eel garden

Anker Reef

Starting at a sloping reef, this site holds the wooden remains of a ship over 100 years old. Set on a backdrop of white sand,  Anker Reef can be explored from the anchor at4m down to40m by those with the certification,  around the large coral encrusted ship posts and barrel sponges at 32m, then moving across the reef to a soft coral wall from 5m to 30m amongst many types of tropical fish.

Current: None to mild

Visibility: 20 – 40m

 Anker reef


Pos 1

This site is very good for beginners as there is a shallow sandy area to practice skills. Besides that this site is also great for snorkeling as it is very beautiful and colourful in the shallows with visibility around 10-25mtrs, also possible to see whitetip sharks resting in the corals. There are several building on land to rest and have lunch.

Current: none –  mild

Vis: 25m


 Dream Wall

Base composition of walls with a resident young turtle and friendly batfish resting in the shallows, we usually start from the dive bouy and swim with the current to a depth of 22m. Many types of soft coral reefs on the wall and sometimes there a whitetip and black tip sharks and eagle rays swimming beneath us.

Current: Low

Visibility: 10-25m

Dream Wall



This point is special for snorkeling because the reef extends very beautiful and colourful in the shallows before a wall.  Almost imperceptible currents and visibility 10 – 25m.

Sandy Slope

Base composition is sand and coral groups that make up the slopes, great for beginner divers,  this point is usually used for snorkeling activities because of the rows of colourful corals living in the shallows.

Coral Garden

Normally we start diving from the bouy and then swim with the current to a depth of 25 meters with 10-25 meters visibility. Base composition in the bottom of slopes and walls. At a depth of 2-8 meters there are beautiful coral gardens inhabited by thousands of colourful fish, therefore this is a great place for snorkeling.

Temple Wall

This site derives its name from the many Hindu temples and buddhist religious artifacts on the land at this point,  and the bottom is a wall. The place is usually used to rest because there is a wooden jetty. When we dive this place we will start the dive from the mooring, bottom composition a wall. Soft coral and seaweed adorning the wall make the walls appear live coral, many species of fish live in this place.


Getting its name from the Bat overlords living in the cave on the waters edge at the jump point, this bustling wallsite is patrolled by schools of mullet and bannerfish. We drift dive this site in one direction following the current past the many fish, soft tube coral and fan coral.

Current: Mild

Visibility: 10 -25m

Bat Cave

 Pos 2

Most visitors come to this site because it can be used for activities like diving, snorkeling and rest for lunch.  Easy to do snorkeling because we can start from shore and for diving we start from the boat. The bottom compositonis wall until 60mtrs covered in sea fans of every colour. If we are diving to right side we exit at Batcave, and if the current pushing left we will exit at Cave Wall.

Current: None -Mild

Visibility: 10 – 30 mtrs



Good for snorkelling and DSD, many different anemones and small tropical fish, shrimp and cuttlefish. To the left it becomes a rocky pile wall with gorgonians. We dive it in calm water conditions, with entry from the resort jetty.

Current: Little swell

Visibility: 15m



We also offer the option of dives at the local sites around Pemuteran at a discounted rate. Some reached by a short boat ride and a few walking in off the beach.

Napolean Reef

A beautiful limestone pinnacle off the coast of Pemuteran has soft coral leaping from the sand. A gentle current ever so slowly moving around the underwater island aids the experience, save energy, float along and take it all in.  Depths from 6 m to 30m.  Butterflyfish fly around all over while Crocodile Flathead hide amongst sea whip, sponges and gorgonian sea fan clusters.

Current: Soft/Mild

Visibility: 25m

Napoleon Reef

Close Encounter

At this gem, set in the crown of Pemuterans local dive sites, you can see perfect grains of sand on a sloping sandbank from 3m to 30m with touches of hard corals strewn throughout before your senses are over come with a plethora of sea water, seemingly an old favourite fishing site.

Current: Mild

Visibility: Poke your eyes out too

Pemuteran Shore Sites


Pemuterans famous BioRock is a collection of manmade structures made from rebar formed into many different shapes, including bicycles and statues then attached to a weak electrical current encouraging enhanced coral growth. Being a shore dive, starting at 3m out past a giant rock a 18m, it offers many corals and even muck opportunity in rubble areas. Anemome fish, many shrimp, frogfish.

Current: None. Sometimes small waves upon entry.

Visibility: 5 -15m


This Jetty extends off the peninsula to the east of Biorock. Being the very essence of a muck dive site,  a mud bottom welcomes divers amongst small anemones and sea grass… along with all the weird and wonderful critters that muck divers hold dear to their hearts. Wild ornamental crabs, dragonets, ghostpipe fish, frogfish and many razorfish scatter though the mud flats down to 20m.

Current: None

Visibility: 2 – 15m


Mandarin Point

Next door to the Biorock and even of the same site one can behold the wonder of the Mandarin fish mating dance. We dive at dusk out to 7mtrs in the staghorn coral where the Mandarinfish can be enjoyed by red light. After the disco, continue with the night dive hunting shrimp, frogish and creatures of the night.

Current: Calm

Visibility: 5 – 10m

Mandor point