Cruise Host

At WakaLandCruise, we are very proud of our Land Cruise Hosts. These knowledgeable Balinese men are all passionate about their island home, and love to share cultural and local information with their guests. Each fulfils the multitasking role of host, driver and guide, and each does a great job. We’re sure you will agree.



Putu ‘Teddy’ Irawan comes from Denpasar. Balinese born and bred, he has been a Land Cruise Host at WakaLandCruise since 2010, and before that he worked at the Russian surf school in Kuta. He loves meeting people from all over the world, and really enjoys driving the Land Rover, especially through rural Bali. He is very proud to be Balinese and passionate about the Balinese culture. “I wouldn’t want to work behind a desk,” says Teddy, “I just want be out of doors. “ He continues, “A lot of my customers really don’t know what to expect when they go on a land cruise, so I love seeing their surprised and happy expressions when we get one hour outside of Kuta into the beautiful Balinese countryside.” Asked about the biggest challenges in his job, he replies, “Hung-over customers, it can sometimes take a little while to bring a smile back onto their faces. Apart from that, a flat tyre is something that we always have to be ready to deal with, the wheels on our vehicles are really heavy, but it’s okay, it only happens very rarely and it only takes about 20 minutes to change the wheel and then we’re on our way again.”



“I love everything about Bali and I love everything about my job,” says Ida ‘Bagus’ Winaya, “all the people are very friendly and I love the happy vibe. It’s just wonderful to be in the Balinese countryside, to walk through the rice fields, drive through the traditional villages, see the temples, and visit the traditional Balinese houses, it reminds me of why I’m Balinese.”  In fact, Pak Bagus maintains that being Balinese is an essential requisite for the job. “The Land Cruise Hosts need to have an in-depth knowledge of the Balinese culture and a true appreciation of the beauty and nature of the island.” He adds, “We’re all passionate about Bali and very proud to be Balinese. I wouldn’t want to be anything else or to live anywhere else. I was born in Bali and my home is close to Mengwi, near Bedugul, and there is a nice view there too.” Pak Bagus is a Senior Land Cruise Host for WakaLandCruise and has worked for the company since the very beginning, when it first started operating in 1995. Before that, he worked for nine years at Club Med Bali Resort, he speaks fluent English and a little bit of French, which he picked up in his Club Med days.



Putu Gede Arsana is proud to be 100 percent Balinese. Hailing from Sidemen in East Bali, he is a Senior Land Cruise Host and started working for WakaLandCruise way back in 1995, when the company first opened and started its very first land cruises. Prior to that Putu had worked as a tour guide on a freelance basis covering the whole of Bali, but his girlfriend didn’t want him travelling around the island all the time, she wanted him to spend more time at home, “She promised me she’d marry me if I got a proper job,” he laughs, “so I did!” Asked what he loves most about his job, Putu replies, “Everyday we see different things, there is always something new; so I talk to my customers about what I see and draw it to their attention.  I also like to unite the people in the car, they are often from vastly different places so my aim is to bring them close together and get them laughing and talking to each other, and then I feel like I’ve won the day.” Putu loves Bali and everything about it, “Even if I was offered a free ticket to go overseas, I would rather use the money to do something in Bali.”